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If you have been looking for a collagen supplement then look no further than Totally Derma.

Totally Derma is a daily ingestible drink supplement for a double pronged approach to age management. Internal and topical. It works from the inside to stimulate the body’s optimum production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, addressing both the aesthetic (physical) signs of ageing and the underlying physiological processes.

Due to the increase in Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid levels in the body, Totally Derma is shown to deliver improvements for skin ageing and dryness (face and body), hair (quantity and quality), nails, vaginal dryness, joint pain, ligament and tendon problems/injuries.

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The Totally Derma formulation delivers advanced comprehensive anti-ageing benefits to dehydrated, lax, wrinkled, sallow skin through the synergistic actions of multiple benefit ingredients, is 95% absorbed and is well tolerated.

These anti-ageing effects are clinically measurable and statistically significant in working from ‘within’ to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen, elastin and HA, addressing the signs of the ageing process to help restore the look and feel of youthful skin.

The Totally Derma formulation is designed to reduce inflammation and support joint function. Inside the body, increased collagen and hyaluronic acid production means that stiff joints and your spine, will become more flexible and comfortable, making this a great supplement for general health and fitness minded men and women.
The hero ingredient, patented Arthred, amino acid peptide powder has its roots in medical heritage with osteoarthritis. Robust clinical studies underpin the scientific data with Arthred repairing and rebuilding cartilage in joints.

Collagen is a mediator in the gut-skin relationship.

Collagen is a protein that is packed with the types of amino acids that our GI tract uses to repair and heal itself. Many skin conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema can appear when leaky gut occurs (when “bad for us” toxins caused by excess sugar, processed foods and environmental factors, cause the toxins to leak into the bloodstream).

By mending the damaged cells which comprise the gut lining, these amino acids regulate the gut microbiome and its permeability, thereby treating and preventing leaky gut syndrome.

In a 3-month cystic acne skin study, the patient’s skin had improved significantly, and no active breakouts or cysts were reported.

It is beneficial for hair, nails, bone density and general dryness of mucous membranes. Therefore, it is a good all-round product for menopausal women especially.

Synergistic co-factors including Vitamin C, grape seed extract, green tea extract and alpha lipoic acid are also added to enhance and promote stages of collagen synthesis, maintenance, promotion, and repair.

A small, self-reporting Totally Derma study revealed promising results with the supplement, offering relief for 90% of the participants across the full range of GSM (Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause) symptoms.

For further information or to reserve your 30 day supply, then please call the clinic on 01204 528884 or 01942 842454, email or message one of our social channels where we look forward to welcoming you.

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