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5 Stars

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5 Stars

I’ve been meaning to send you this email for weeks but work and a bad memory has delayed me!

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for what you have done for Lucy’s face and her confidence. I can’t believe her beautiful clear skin, it’s fantastic!

She is SO much happier, doesn’t need to wear make-up if she doesn’t want to and is happy for all her new flat mates at uni to see her first thing in the morning!

I have to be honest and say that I really didn’t think anything would work after over the years seeing 3 dermatologists, a skin doctor in Abu Dhabi, taking antibiotics, using antibiotic creams, other specialist skin creams, not one of them worked. I feared we would be down the Roaccuatane route, which I really wanted to avoid but it does come to a point where you think which is worse, her skin and state of mind versus a horrible drug that will sort that but give her other nasty side effects, its an impossible situation.

But then the ‘skin angel – you’ came into our lives and even after a few weeks of treatment and using the products as directed by you, we start to see an improvement and it just gets better and better, its amazing, your amazing. You have been nothing but kind and lovely to Lucy, calm and reassuring at all times you have helped her physically and emotionally, with your encouragement and positive attitude, she started to believe herself that things would get better!

My only regret is that I didn’t come to you years earlier like I should have. I kept thinking she would grow out of it, its not that bad, trying her with different skin products not realising at all the damage it was having to her self esteem, if only I could turn the clock back!

Anyway we are where we are, and we’re in a fantastic place, yes we have to travel quite a way for her treatment, yes it can feel a bit pricey, but every single bit of it is worth it and I would recommend you (and have done) to anyone and everyone! Distance and money are nothing to a happy healthy child, well young adult! I’d do it all again in a heartbeat , except sooner!
Thanks so much again Vicky

Evolve Customer

I first saw the advertisement for Evolve in a magazine whilst waiting for an appointment with the local chiropodist. I slowly and quietly tore out the page! Well we’ve all done it. This was my last hope.

I was suffering, so I thought, from excessive thread veins on my face. Coming out of the cold into a warm room would make my face become very red and inflamed. The many cosmetics bought over the years, (I am now in my 60’s) have cost me a fortune. Each jar, believing this was miracle cream to reduce redness, creams to cover veins, creams, oils and rose water (very expensive) all to no avail. You were my last hope.

My appointment was made with you at Evolve. At this point I had started declining social events, making excuses so I didn’t have to go. My face looked like the rising sun and lipstick merged into my face. I was becoming a recluse! At the consultation you told me not only do I have severe red veins but also acute rosacea, (my medical book says rosacea, after a period of time becomes permanent) and has to be treated before we deal with the veins.

I left your consultation room with a bag full of creams and lotions, a list of appointments plus the reassurance within 3 months I will be smiling. Purse a lot lighter I returned home to the question “do you really think this will work?”

Well proof is in the face I see everyday. I am amazed what has been achieved by your treatments and products. The products are used and replaced time and time again. My rosacea has now disappeared, as long as I keep up with your creams, my veins are virtually gone. A twice a year zap solves the problem.

My life has completely changed. Confidence is back. I now only have Danne products, foundation (chosen by you) and guess what LIPSTICK. Thank you Vicky, my very best wishes to you from a very grateful client.

Evolve Customer

I have enjoyed treatments with Charlotte, Sally and Vicky. Every time I walk through the doors, a feeling of warmth and relaxation cocoons me. The treatments are individually tailored to my needs and beautifully executed, results are tangible and help me feel fabulous. I love the atmosphere and relaxed vibe of Evolve. All the ladies work incredibly hard to ensure every client is welcome and feels cherished. I could honestly stay all day! Before I visited for the first time, I had numerous recommendations from ladies delighted with the results Evolve had achieved for them. Just a great big thank you ladies !!

Evolve Customer

Sincere apologies for the delay in sending you this review, but it now gives me great pleasure to do so…

Vicky asked if I would write a review on the acne treatment my daughter Jenny has received and I am more than happy to do so. This treatment really does work and I now have an ‘acne and scar free’ daughter, but more importantly, a happy daughter, with her self esteem restored!
Here’s our story…

My daughter Jenny started getting the odd spot at the beginning of her second year at high school (aged 12) and by the end of that school year it had developed into full blown acne! By this time, we had exhausted all the ‘off the shelf’ products you can buy and decided to seek medical advice. Success!… but, not for long! Jenny was prescribed numerous antibiotics that all worked initially, then it was back to square one (on reflection, this is a good thing, because, as we all know, long term antibiotics are not good for you). Another year passed and our GP referred us to a Dermatologist at the local hospital, but unfortunately the treatment didn’t work. If you are a mum with a teenager going through this, or indeed, going through it yourself, you can appreciate how we were getting desperate at this stage, so desperate in fact, that we even considered Roaccutane, but we really didn’t want to go down that path, due to the side effects.

We kept scouring the internet, but in vain, and I was getting increasingly concerned, as I could see my daughter’s self esteem was getting lower and lower.

THEN…. I happened to mention it to my hairdresser and she suggested trying Vicky. As you can imagine, I was very sceptical, because there are a lot of claims out there about ‘curing’ acne, but of course, a lot of them are simply not true. Jenny was now 15 and becoming extremely self conscious, so I thought, why not give it a go?

Somewhat reluctantly, we both went along for Vicky’s first consultation. She did a thorough assessment and explained fully the treatment, the time scales and the commitment required from Jenny. She promised (yes, promised) she could get rid of Jenny’s acne, but she couldn’t promise that Jenny would never have another spot … music to our ears! Here was someone, for the first time, giving us the facts, not dressing it up. We were absolutely fine with the odd spot – they are normal and everyone gets them at certain times of their lives for various reasons.

So, we decided to give it a go. As I mentioned earlier, this requires full commitment from you, the client. It’s not just a case of going along to Vicky for your treatment, then forgetting about it until the next time. No, it requires dedication to a daily cleansing routine both morning and night, and a weekly deep cleansing routine. To her credit, Jenny followed her routine to the letter (she so wanted this to work) and all the time, had 110% support from Vicky.

I really can’t commend Vicky enough on her dedication to her clients. She is not your 9 – 5, she is always at the other end of the phone to give advice and support when needed, goes that extra mile – her customer service is second to none.

In a nutshell, she knows her ‘stuff ‘… what she said would happen – did and just as important, within the time scales she gave.

Finally, As I’m writing this and reflecting, I remember how Jenny would never go out without plastering loads of concealer and foundation to cover up her acne and scarring, but now I’m delighted to say, she hardly wears any make up and just uses it to enhance!

Mary, Grateful Mother

Dear Vicky + the lovely girls 🙂

Apologies for the length of time it has taken me to write this card, but I finally feel at a point in my life that you thoroughly deserve the biggest THANK YOU possible!

After years of doctors and dermatologist appointments, antibioticsm creams, washes, emotions that simply drive you to hell and back I can finally say I have my confidence back.

Thank god my mum made me watch ‘Dying for clear skin’ that night, and thank god I made that simple phone call to Suzanne Williams, who pointed me in your direction because I can honestly say, hand on heart, it is the best decision I ever made!

Yes this was my last hope at getting rid of these awful, painful red acne scars and bumps all over my face… and I must admit after so long I thought I wouldn’t see changes, but after my first consultation I knew this was going to work!

Within only 6 weeks and 2 appointments, with the help of yourself and the amazing Danne products I found a little bit of myself again.

I could look in the mirror without crying, talk to people without covering my face with my scarf and finally smile again! I literally have never felt happier!

Most of all I can have photos taken, and you would never know I’ve had bad skin! The compliments I have received are above and beyond. And it’s all thanks to you!!

Thank you so much for literally changing my life. I hope I can make just a good therapist as you, you truly deserve all the thanks in the world.


Testimonial Santina

When it comes to writing a review, this one comes from the heart.

After years of taking care of everyone else, I decided that I could no longer win this war I was having every day with the reflection in the mirror. Who was this person staring back at me? I had almost become a recluse. It was at this point I decided it was now my turn to look after myself.

So the search began to find someone that I could put my faith and trust in, and after spending weeks and weeks trawling through the internet and reading countless reviews I decided to contact Evolve Private Aesthetics in Bolton. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Right from the start the staff made me feel welcome and relaxed. They put me completely at ease and the clinic itself is a joy to visit.

It was here I was introduced to Mr. Lee Whittle, Evolve’s Facial Aesthetics Specialist
All the way through my initial consultation he listened to my story and asked what I wanted to achieve from the clinic. My answer was I would like to turn the clock back a few years and get my confidence back.
Lee came up with a planned course of treatments to help me achieve my goal, discussing every step of the processes involved.

Lee’s in depth knowledge and expertise in this field is second to none. He has a genuine passion for his work and for the wellbeing of his clients, taking the utmost care to provide the best possible outcome.

Lee has performed extensive treatments with me, including Facial fillers for my really deep lines, Plexr treatments and Botox. He is so at the cutting edge with his treatments and skill level that I would never seek advice or treatment from anyone else.

My last appointment was to treat some very fine lines between my eyebrows which could not be corrected with Botox. Lee has developed a new technique with filler to eradicate these superficial very fine lines. The results are amazing. The lines completely vanished right away.

When I met Lee he had a mammoth task, not only because of my concerns, but also complications due to some medication which he had to take into account.

The journey we started together is now at the maintenance stage, and I can finally look in the mirror again and see the woman I once knew.

This is all down to Mr. Lee Whittle. He is the best Facial Aesthetics Specialist you or I could ever meet.

Thank you Lee for giving me my life back and being there every step of the way.

Avril Roberts

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